B&B Guidebook Review
What's New - February 2006

Enhancements for 2006

  • Web Presence information was further enhanced:
    • Google® Page Rank added to innkeeper info on ratings.
    • rankings now include a star level
    • Web Presence stars and INNSTARS combined to give an overall value rating (of 10 possible).
  • Criteria were changed to decrease emphasis on Quality Control and increase emphasis on On-Line Availability.
  • Google® search boxes added to major pages.

    Enhancements for 2005

  • In June 2005, Google(tm) Adwords were added to selected pages. The number of pages with ads will be expanded and will include individual guide evaluations.
  • Criteria were tweaked for more reliability.
  • Innkeepers Information on each rating was enhanced, with addition of Scott Crumpton's web presence evaluation and my own results for those guides where I have listings.
  • Rating of regional guides (including Canada-only) was discontinued due to the additional workload created by the annual influx of new guides.

    Major Update for 2004

  • 32 new guides have been added to replace the 10 that are no longer available.
  • Criteria were changed to further increase emphasis on the guide's ability to pinpoint combinations of vicinity location and amenities. Weight for on-line availability was reduced and credit for lists with basic contact only was eliminated.
  • Several new guides were moved directly to the Unratable category.
  • Format was slightly updated to make many pages cleaner and to open guide reviews in a new window.
  • Hosting was moved to EW3D and SuperStatZ was added as a tracking program.
  • Rating reliability factor added in 2000 was dropped.
    Enhancements for January 2003
  • 29 new Guides were added to replace the 10 that are no longer available.
  • Innkeeper Information item on the reviews was enhanced to include more information about guide's promotion policies.

    Enhancements from January 2002:

    Criteria Changes: I have increased emphasis on the guide's ability to pinpoint combinations of vicinity location and amenities and added a criterion on on-line availability/reservations. Loading time was deemphasized slightly, as was credit for lists with basic contact only. Emphasis on identification of 'Inspected and Approved' status of listed inns was also decreased due to the rapidly changing nature of inspection programs.

    New Listings: 17 new guides are reviewed.

    Enhancements from January 2001:

    Index by URL: I have added an Index by URL of B&B-related URLs. It's incomplete right now, but will be constantly updated.

    New Logos: Thanks to David of American Historic Inns, Inc., new logos for each rating level are on the site. Guide authors may use the logo on their site with a link back to their review page or to the index page. (3/2001)

    New Server I have moved INNSTAR to a different server within my control. My thanks to Stephan Spencer of Internet Concepts® for his charity in hosting this site over the past several years.

    Advertising Accepted: Entities of interest to the Bed & Breakfast Industry or to Bed & Breakfast travelers may advertise on selected pages. Advertising for other types of lodging will not be accepted. Currently, advertising for guidebooks will not be accepted. For more information, contact Note: See the 2005 changes above.

    New Listings: I have reviewed 9 new guides newly discovered since the January update, reinstated comments on one that was temporarily defunct (Church Networking) and added comments about the new URL from American Historic Inns/ (

    Discussion Groups: All references to these groups have been dropped.

    Enhancements from January 2000:

    New Criteria: I have eliminated the 'bonus points' and made 'Quality Assurance' a major criteria factor. This required changes to the entire scale. (12/99)

    Dropped: sites serving single states. They will be listed on the regions page, but not evaluated. (12/99)

    Rating reliabilty factors based on guidebook author response and my own count of listed inns have been added to the alphabetical and rating pages. Guides that provided updated data are indicated by a plus (+) sign; guides whose detailed listings I actually counted are indicated by an equal (=) sign; guides whose listings had to be estimated are indicated by an (e). (12/99)

    Enhancements from January 1999:

    New Server: INNSTAR is now a stand-alone domain and is no longer a portion of my website.

    Criteria Changed: I have deemphasized the inclusion of basic contact information and have put more stress on quality control of the site and of the individual listings. I have also adjusted the absolute scale for the number of detailed listings category.

    Reorganized Site: Ratings for guidebooks that do not serve North America were discontinued.

    Innkeeper Info expanded: Each Guidebook Review page has a line, Innkeeper Info, which tells the site's general approach to drawing the public to individual inn pages, including if the site uses keywords to publicize individual pages, listing rates, and contact info, if available.

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