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Latest Update - 02/28/2006 - now rates over 144 North American Guides!

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Guidebooks are grouped by rating level, with 5 stars highest. Within each rating group, the U.S. nationwide (including those which say they're international) Guidebooks are listed first (highest scores first), followed by regional and specialty guides. State/province are no longer rated. Each rating is linked to a detailed review of the Guidebook, which in turn includes a link to the Guidebook's home page.
Note: For 2006, individual guide ratings are posted as they are completed. Ratings shown on the alphabetical list and the INNSTAR rating page by level will not be updated until the rating cycle is complete

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5 INNSTAR Guides
4 Guides
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4 INNSTAR Guides
13 Guides
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3 INNSTAR Guides
34 Guides
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2 INNSTAR Guides
55 Guides
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1 INNSTAR Guides
17 Guides
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Zero INNSTAR Guides
12 Guides
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Newly Rated Guides
12 Guides
Discontinued Guides
82 Guides

  • Alphabetical List of the rated guidebooks, with rating score and links to both their rating and their home page.

  • Regional & Specialty List of those rated guidebooks that cover only a specific state or region of the U.S. and/or Canada, or which serve specialty niches, with links to their pages.

  • List by URL relating URLs to guides.

  • State and Provincial Associations: Many have their own pages, either independent or with a guidebook.

  • Interim Rating Revisions, including newly rated guidebooks and rating changes caused by changes to guidebook sites.

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