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The following 82 North American Bed and Breakfast Guidebooks are no longer available.

76 Guidebooks claiming US Nationwide Coverage

10 more discontinued guides as of Feb 06 review URL Parked 12/13/05

Amazing Inns Now refers to

Bed & Breakfast Seeker Not available 12/13/05

Coast to Coast Bed & Breakfast Registry Now a log home site. Formerly Canada's Coast to Coast Bed & Breakfast Registry, expanded to include US.

Karen's Getaways Inactive URL 2/12/06

Net Travel Exchange All associated URLS inactive 2/14/06

Selected Hotels & Inns Inactive website 1/27/06 URL dead on 2/14.

Victorian Inns Guide discontinued in 2005 Not active on initial review, 2/16/06 13 more discontinued guides as of Feb 05 review

Away Travel Guide has apparently been discontinued by McKenzie. Beautiful Inns has apparently been discontinued by McKenzie. Bed and Breakfast Directory  URL has no content- Formerly Bed and Breakfast Directory by, formerly AveNet Marketing B&B Guide, formerly Inovatec On Line

BnBCity URL had "technical difficulties" and later not available.

National Bed & Breakfast Association URL had no content on 3/21.

Experience Paradise URL not available.

Infonet USA Domain for sale 3/21

Inn-Dex.Net URL not found 3/21

International Bed & Breakfast Serch Engine URL now erefers to

Quaint Country Inns URL is no longer a B&B site.

Think Bed & Breakfast URL not found on review dates.

Internet Guide to Bed & Breakfast Inns Url not found on reveiw.

USA Accommodation Guide URL is now Eurpoean only.

Interim Guide Losses

Beds America - Notified of guide closing 4/27/04

10 more discontinued guides as of Feb 04 review

America's Internet B&B Connection URLs and not B&Bsites 02/2004.

Bed and Breakfast Brochures URL not found 02/2004

Bed and Breakfast Guide URL inactive 02/2004. Now points to

Key Tourist Info URL unowned since 12/02 Domain for sale 02/2004

Vacations Worldwide Site is operational, but not rated due to erroneous URL

WWW.Bed and Breakfast Guide Site not found 02/2004

42 Sites previously found not available

10,000 Inns [URL not accessible late spring 2002]

AA - Bed & Breakfast Directory: [The original directory is defunct and the URL refers to Dallas Ad Mall guides]

Absolute Bed & Breakfast - URL not available 10/25/2002.

Along the Way: [Absorbed by Bed & Breakfast Inns of North America]

American Bed & Breakfast: [Site not available 11/99]

Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel On-Line - no B&B content [URL for sale]

B&B Country Inns Listing Service: from [Not accessible 1/99]

Bed & Breakfast Inns Direct: [URL is for sale, 11/27/2001]

B&B Lighthouse: [URL points to non-B&B site 12/2000]

Bed and Breakfast Online [URL now points to]

Bed& [Site under reconstruction 11//99, URL not available]

Bernice Chesler's Bed & Breakfast New England Guide discontinued in 2002 URL not found 11/2002

InnGetaway Reviews [South & New England] - Guide discontinued in 2002

Inn & Travel Network URL parked 11/02

Lodging on the Web Could not be located 11/13/02

The Registry's Connoiseur's Showcase Server not found, 11/13/02

Vacation Spot Now an entry into (11/02)

Weekend Guide Not available 11/02

Bed 'n Breakfast Network [Inaccessible since 97]

BNB Directory, Inc. [Site under reconstruction 11/99]

The Christian Bed & Breakfast Directory: [URL could not be located 11/30/01]

Church Networking Accommodation & Lodging Directory: [This site changed URLs - see review page for additional comments]

Complete Guide to American B&B: [ The URL is not active]

FreeMarketNetwork's Bed and Breakfast Travel Guide: [closed 1998]

Free Online Bed & Breakfast & Inns Directory of URL Links: [Site not available 12/2000]

Gay Inns Online: [URL could not be located 12/1/01]

Historic Inns of America: [Not found 1/99]

Innroads: [Now absorbed by Bed and] [URL now refers to a domain reseller, 12/3/01]

The Inn Traveler: [URL not found 2/98]

Inns on the Web: [URL not available 12/2000, points to domain reseller 12/2001] [URL could not be located 12/4/2001]

International Resort Services: [Not a B&B site]

NB Design's B&B Guide: [Site not available 11/99]

Rave Reviews: [URL not available 12/2000, leads to gateway for gambling & porn, 12/2001]

Retreat & Reveille International: [Site dropped in 1999]

Travelscape Marketing B&B Collection: [URL not available since 1/2001]

Serenity B&B Guide: [URL not found 8/97]

Urban Inns: [Organization apparently died in 1999] [URL could not be located 12/14/01]

6 Guidebooks with Regional, Statewide or Provincewide Coverage previously discontinued

Bernice Chesler's Bed & Breakfast Middle Atlantic States: [Discontinued in 1999 - her New England guide is still available]

Canada Bed & Breakfast (gopher-type): [URL not found 8/97]

Comprehensive Directory of Massachusetts Lodging: [Massachusetts - URL not found 2/98]

North East Bed & Breakfast Gopher: [Northeast U.S. - Still available but badly outdated]

Recreation British Columbia: [Closed end of 1998]

300 Bed & Breakfasts in Washington: [not available 1/3/99]

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