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    Score: 56

Area Covered:
U.S. (22 states) & Canada (2 prov), best on west coast.
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About 67 [actual count] B&B's/Country Inns/ Ranches; very detailed with several pictures; some have additional hotlinks.
From home page, select 'Explore Geographically' or 'Explore by Experience'
  • 'Explore Geographically' provides a map/state list. State page has interactive map showing location of each inn plus list of inns, alpha by inn name, showing type of inn, rate range, nr. of rooms. Select inn by clicking on its name. This gives a mini-listing; click on "more" for the full listing.
  • 'Explore by Experience' gives 9 choices, including for example Romantic Escapes, Golf Getaways or Urban Discoveries. Your selection gives a list (similar to above) of all inns listed that way.
  • Also has complete property list, alpha by inn name.
    Quality Assurance:
    Selected by recommendation and personal visit by author. Encourages guest feedback.
    Assists guests' email reservation requests. States "niche is high quality independent properties." Listing includes driving directions.

  • Innkeeper Info:
  • Promotion: Uses keywords on all pages.
  • Rates: Not listed. For previous update, stated "Due to the current state of the travel market, we are not planning to publish another edition until the invasion of Iraq is over."
  • Contact: (425)392-0451 or
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