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    Date last reviewed: 1/28/2006
    Score: 52

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Estimate around 1100 from search results. Have picture, short description, amenity symbols (not including spa/jacuzzi), link to inn's page (or a detailed listing), on a single page. Detailed listings have a bit more info, description and 3 pictures.
From home page, have several choices:
  • Select "search" from bar, get choice of "Map Browsing" or "advanced search"
         "Map Browsing" gives series of maps/lists starting with world. Select country from next page using list, select state from next page using map or list, get general state map amd list of cities. Select city to get accommodations in that city, no particular order. Option at bottom of each inns display to get more info from more detailed page (which may be redirect to inn's home page).
         'Advanced Search' allows fairly wide range of amenities, price range. May do by inn name, city, state, and/or country.
  • 'QuickSearch' box allows entry of city name or property name. If more than one city by that name, offers choice. Results as above.
    Quality Assurance:
    Allows inns to place their own ratings on page. Has a guest feedback system.
    U.K. based. Has currency converter.

  • Innkeeper Info:
  • Promotion: Promotes site only.
  • Rates: $35 with free 6 month trial; sign up and pay on-line.
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  • Google® page rank of home page: 0/10.
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    A (of 20) - 12
    B (of 20) - 12
    C (of 30) - 17
    D (of 10) - 9
    E (of 5) - 1
    F (of 10) - 0
    G (of 5) - 1

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