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    Date last reviewed: 12/9/2005
    Score: 62

Area Covered:
Listing Type/Number:
Estimate about 1000 with 1 thumbnail (rotating from up to 5), short description and link. Also has links to inn's availability, directions and specials pages.
Pay per click site: Inns listed on results pages based on their bid for that page. Same inn may be displayed on multiple pages.
  • From homepage, select world region, on next page select state. From state page can select inns directly or click on a region.
  • Geographic search allows entry of city name; get choice of cities with same name in different states.
  • Advanced search allows selection of multiple amenities and types of lodging, with geographic limits.
    Quality Assurance:
    Has availability link for inns. Has special link for some inns. Has map links for some inns. Has travel library. Some associations have links. Guide cooperated in facilitating review and verifying data.

  • Innkeeper Info:
  • Promotion: Appropriate keywords & titles on state & locality pages. States, "Substantial "pay-per-click" presence on various search engines for destinations with advertisers; free (organic) search engine presence modest but improving."
  • Rates: Payment in advance; how fast the account is spent depends on the bid per click and the number of clicks. Minimum bid is 10 cents. Minimum initial account is $25, guide will double initial deposit up to $250. Sign up, pay, update on-line.
  • Contact: (800), email
  • Comments:
  • Innkeeper Blog comments: Innkeeper B&B Directory Reference
    Web Presence Evaluation:
  • No. 14 of 78 guides evaluated by (4 star).
  • Composite of INNSTAR/Inntelligent ratings: 8/10.
  • Google® page rank of home page: 6/10.
  • My B&B Results:
    • Listing provided 4.1% (215) of my unique visitors Jan-Dec 2005 (Note - there is a discrepancy between their figures and my tracker -they show considerably higher).
    • Listing provided 5 proven guests at my 1-unit B&B.

  • Ratings Summary (see criteria for details)
    A (of 20) - 10
    B (of 20) - 11
    C (of 30) - 18
    D (of 10) - 10
    E (of 5) - 0
    F (of 10) - 10
    G (of 5) - 3

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