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    Score: 62

Site owner states: "Due to lack of innkeeper interest I will be shutting down the site the end of May." Review will remain until site closes.
Area Covered:
USA (now expanding to Canada); targeted to business traveler.
Listing Type/Number:
132 [actual count] with 2 pictures, short description, amenities, nearby corporations, nearby airports, contact info, & links.
From home page, have multiple choices
  • Select state from map or drop-down list. State gives list alpha by city/inn with basic contact. Selecting an inn gives page as above.
  • Search By Amenity allows selection of city, policies, business and personal amenities, nearby airport.
    Quality Assurance:
    Requires membership in state association and rating from independent inspection agency. Must meet certain requirements for policies/amenities normally needed by business travellers to be listed.
    Tells traveler exactly what minimum standards for listing are. Has printable brochure. No availability link, but does inform guests if inn has on-line availabilty/reservations at inn's website. Has links of interest to business traveller.

  • Innkeeper Info:
  • Promotion: Essentially promotes guide only. Promotion includes media, pay-per-click.
  • Rates: $80 (has PAII discount); may have 2-year-for-1 special; sign-up on-line. Has innkeeper resources page.
  • Contact: (407)539-1911; fax (407)539-0365; email
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