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    Date last reviewed: 12/11/2005
    Score: 65

Area Covered:
Listing Type/Number:
910 in US & Canada (actual count on 12/11/05), with 4 or more pictures, short description, amenities, link. On 2/21/06, resample after guide response indicated some increase.
From home page have several options:
  • Select country from map or state from list. State page gives list of cities with number of inns shown in each, followed by all inns in alpha order by city. Select city to get inns with thumbnail picture, short description and link to more detailed page. Has regions for CA & FL.
  • "Find a Bed & Breakfast" takes you to Advanced Search, which allows selection of a wide range of amenities, inspected status, activities, policies.
  • Search box allows state, city, keyword search.
    Quality Assurance:
    Recently added inspected status to search capability; not many listings have added this yet. Also allows guest reviews.
    Has availability link for higher-level listings. Has list of inspecting associations. Has recipes.

  • Innkeeper Info:
  • Promotion: Individualized title on inn pages.
  • Rates: 4-picture w/o link is $149, 8-picture plus link is $199 (but watch for free trials), up to $399 for more info/higher placement.
  • Contact: Use form at website.
  • Comments: States "We added a guest feedback system for all listings on our site which is plainly visible under the "email innkeeper" button on each listing. An owner will be email notified when a review is inputted and have the chance to approve/reject each review. This will ensure that a negative review that could hurt their business will not posted, or at least give them a chance to explain their version before we make the final decision."
    Web Presence Evaluation:
  • No. 50 of 78 guides evaluated by (2 star).
  • Composite of INNSTAR/Inntelligent ratings: 6/10.
  • Google® page rank of home page: 6/10.
  • My B&B Results: 4 picture listing added Feb 05
    • Listing provided 0% of my unique visitors Jan-Dec 2005.
    • Listing provided 0 proven guests at my 1-unit B&B.

  • Ratings Summary (see criteria for details)
    A (of 20) - 10
    B (of 20) - 20
    C (of 30) - 19
    D (of 10) - 9
    E (of 5) - 2
    F (of 10) - 3
    G (of 5) - 2

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