INNSTAR B&B Guidebook Review
America's Inns & Lodges On-Line from Dallas Ad Mall Directories
Also use names America's Inn & Lodge Directories, 1 Bed & Breakfast Avenue, Inns & Lodges On-Line, Dallas Ad Mall's Inns East, Inns West & Inns Canada, others

    Date last reviewed:
    Score: 48

Area Covered:
U.S. (49 states), Canada (10 provinces) & International. Inns East covers U.S. east of Mississippi River, Inns West covers West of Mississippi River. Has multiple additional entries, such as historic inns, featured inns, etc, with multiple URLs.
Listing Type/Number:
About 1600 with short descriptions and links to other sites. Has some hosted sites.
Type & Description:
Select which guide you want to use. From that guide, select the area of US (or Canada or international) you want, or historic or featured inns, select appropriate state. Inns are listed in alpha order by city/inn name. Also has text search funtion; if enter city, get link to state page.
Quality Assurance:
No specific indication of affiliations or inspected status.
Also has Inns For Sale, links page. All descriptive data provided by innkeepers, links verified periodically. Also has extensive additional travel links. Since not all Inns are listed on all included guides, some searchers could become confused on best way to enter. Guide cooperated in facilitating review and verifying data.
URLs used include:,,,,,

Innkeeper Info:
  • Promotion: Promotes guide only; has good traffic levels.
  • Rates: For basic 3-guidebook package, $25 for 25 word description plus link to website (need not be independent) - $35 for above plus add Historic Inns. Online order form available (but not on-line payment). Has e-mail newsletter & innkeeper tips page.
  • Contact: (941)474-1976 or email
  • Comments:
    Web Presence Evaluation:
  • No. 39 of 78 guides evaluated by (2 star for
  • Composite of INNSTAR/Inntelligent ratings: 4/10.
  • Google® page rank of home page by URL:
    • 5/10,
    • 4/10
    • 5/10
    • 4/10
    • 5/10
    • 5/10
  • My B&B Results:
    • Listing provided about 2.2% of my B&B's website's guide-sourced unique visitors Jan-Dec 2005.
    • Listing provided no proven guest-nights at my 1-unit B&B.

    Ratings Summary (see criteria for details)
    A (of 20) - 16
    B (of 20) - 9
    C (of 30) - 11
    D (of 10) - 10
    E (of 5) - 0
    F (of 10) - 0
    G (of 5) - 2

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