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    Date last reviewed:
    Score: 70

Area Covered:
Canada (currently 10 provinces & 1 territory, strongest in west).
Listing Type/Number:
About 320 [actual count], with one line highlight description on Province list for all; hosted pages have multiple pictures and several pages.
Type & Description:
List: Home page gives a list of provinces. Selecting province gives map/list of regions with either number of inns in each or inns listed by region. Selecting a region gives map of region plus inns in alpha by town/inn name. Can also choose whole province. Inns have short blurb plus link to detailed page (mostly hosted; a few still external). Also has "Precision Search" option which includes combinations of policies, amenities, specific town and/or languages spoken.
Quality Assurance:
Includes Canada Select or CAA Rating for inns. Has guestbook with feedback on some inns.
Has reservation request option; some inns have links to on-line availability services. Has links pages. Specials listed for many inns. Can't change provinces without returning to home page. Guide cooperated in facilitating review and verifying data.
Innkeeper Info:
  • Promotion: Front Door mostly; keywords on inn pages personalized to province but not to inn. Also has URLs for each province (e.g.,
  • Approximate Rates (in $Cdn + tax): $170 for 'loaded' page, $100 for 4 page/7 picture spread, $70 for single-page/4 picture ; renewals $60. Other services available.
  • Contact:

  • Ratings Summary (see criteria for details)
    A (of 20) - 11
    B (of 20) - 19
    C (of 30) - 24
    D (of 10) - 9
    E (of 10) - 5
    F (of 5) - 0
    G (of 5) - 2

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