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INNSTAR is conceived of as a type of 'critic', just as movies, books and music have critics. Anyone who publishes in any media holds his/her work out for comment by the informed and the uninformed. As long as the critique makes an effort to be correct on the facts, the publishing of one's opinions is protected by the First Amendment. While the author recognizes that a rating can affect the sales of website listings, movie reviews can affect box office sales. It's not the intent of INNSTAR to influence your sales - I wish every guide would reach the 4 or 5 star level!

INNSTAR wants the ratings to be as accurate as possible. However, due to the number of on-line guidebooks, it is virtually impossible to review every listing in every state in every guidebook. Consequently, a sample of the listings in each guidebook was reviewed, spending around 30 minutes on each guidebook. Any time a rating is based on a sample, there is a possibility of erroneous results.

Please advise me of any facts I have wrong (number of inns listed, states/countries covered, type of listings, etc.). These can affect ratings and will be promptly corrected and the ratings adjusted if necessary. I will also consider your opinion should you disagree with my interpretation of agreed facts concerning your site or relative weighting of criteria, but such consideration does not mean that anything will be changed. Please read the disclaimer for further information.

Guidebook providers are authorized, without further permission, to place the INNSTAR logo and/or rating information on their sites, on the condition that they link back to INNSTAR's main page or the individual rating page for that guide. You may use the INNSTAR rating in other advertising. You may NOT use the actual points score or relative position within an INNSTAR rating level to tell innkeepers that your guide is "better" than another guide, since I evaluate value to the traveler, not value to the innkeeper.

INNSTAR ratings will be updated approximately annually and guidebook publishers who use the logo and rating agree to update their page if their rating changes. You may capture the appropriate graphic from the North American index page or request the file by email:

I may suspend the rating of a guide with excessive complaints about business practices, or if the ownership changes, or if design changes make the description inaccurate.

To advise me of changes in your guidebook, or to submit a guidebook for review, please send comments at the e-mail link below.

As a bit of advice, guides that don't accept on-line signup & payment are missing the chance to sign-up innkeepers who don't want to go to the trouble of filling out forms manually and writing a check.

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